I’d friend him for sure.

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Yesterday evening at work it was the parent orientation and fall potluck. It was a huge turnout, pretty much all of the families and children were there, and everyone surprised me with a going away/good luck/thank you gift! The director (who happens to be my big sis) started off with a sweet thank you speech and gave me a gift. Then the assistant director had her own nice speech and gave me cards from the staff. Then one of the parents stood up and gave another really nice speech and gave me a card from all of the parents that they had all been secretly signing all week. I couldn’t believe it.

I was so surprised and touched by their show of appreciation and good wishes. Another surprise was that my parents were there too! It felt really amazing to feel recognition and gratitude from so many people, there had to be at least 40 parents in the room.

During the potluck several parents individually came to chat with me a bit about my new job, wishing me luck, saying they and their child will miss me. One parent said her child talks about me at home all the time and said I’m her best friend. :)

It’s really hard to leave. I have a really strong bond with the teachers and children, I’m going to miss them so much.

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it’s been hard for me to stop watching this video.

"Golden Tears" by Gustave Klimt

"Golden Tears" by Gustave Klimt

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Seasons (Waiting On You) | Future Islands

Jam for the first day of Fall.

I also hung out with two old college friends today. They’re best friends and were on a man-date in downtown and invited me along. It was so much fun! The three of us were practically inseparable freshman year, it was so great to finally catch up with them!

I went on a coffee date tonight. I wasn’t interested in him in that way, but he’s a really really nice and funny guy so I gave it a shot. It was very nice, but still didn’t feel any chemistry.

But I’m proud of myself because I rarely go on dates because I’m rarely ever interested in anyone, so I’m glad I’m at least giving it a try!

I got the job!!

I found out yesterday afternoon and the excitement didn’t settle in until later on at night.

When I got the call I had just finished meeting with the awesome director of this amazing educational non-profit that I’m interested in working for, so it was awkward timing to find out I got the job while feeling so inspired by another company.

The other company doesn’t have any full time openings anyway, but the director really liked me and offered me an opportunity to volunteer, so I think I will do that along with the new job.

And then going back to work the rest of the day with my preschoolers just made me want to cry because I realized I’m going to miss them so much.

But this new job is a great opportunity and if I volunteer at the non-profit in the evenings I’ll still have a chance to work in education. Big changes like this make me sad, but mulling over all of the positives of this change made me realize this is all for the better, and now I’m truly excited!


This past week I have pretty much only listened to Cyndi Lauper in my car while driving to and from everywhere. Listening to music as an adult that you listened to growing up feels nice, like a warm embrace. I welcome this phase of music listening and thank whatever made me put the Essential Cyndi Lauper into my car radio on Monday morning. You did me well this week, subconscious.

I’ve been really into Cyndi Lauper this summer, especially Time After Time.


my kind of skyrim


my kind of skyrim

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I have an interview tomorrow for a job I actually really want. I really hope I get it that would be gr8.

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My best friend is Palestinian and her church does an annual Greek and Middle Eastern food festival that I’ve been going to every year for four years.

I always look forward to going, the music, dancing, food, and people are all wonderful and everyone calls me “habibti” and I just love it.

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